Willingness to Pay is NOT the same as Ability to Pay


Better understand your Patient Payer with TPO Scores

We need to understand the reason that lead to a non payment of a medical bill is entirely different than that of consumer debt. Credit scores do not give a correct picture of a person’s ability or willingness to pay a medical bill- they are not part of their monthly budget.

THE PATIENT OFFER “TPO”- our realtime machine learning engine attempts to estimate the likelihood of subjects performing certain types of behavior. This likelihood is estimated as a TPO. It uses a combination of historical payments data and approved external data as inputs and assigning different probabilities to different subjects based on shared features and covariates, it allows for the creation of reasonably accurate predictions of future behavior.


Custom design a Payment Plan

Research shows that chances of a timely payment of a medical bill are minimal if the amount is more than 5% of their monthly income.

THE PATIENT OFFER goes beyond just predicting the ability of a Patient Payer to pay a medical bill. It recommends the most optimal payment plan to the Providers which can the be offered to the Patient before or at the time of procedure. It enables the Providers to structure the automated recurring payments. Advance analytical tools are built to monitor and report.

ECOA, FDCPA, IRS compliances are built into THE PATIENT OFFER models.


Ensure Adherence

Offering the Patients the Payment plan at the time of Scheduling the procedure enable us to one of unique tools which brings a proactive approach to it.

THE PATIENT OFFER Payment Management tools provide a complete picture of payments. THE PATIENT OFFER unifies payment data in one place — allowing a provider to view combined payer and patient payer behavior on a variety of metrics.